What is BIPV

The full English name of BIPV is building integrated photovoltaic, which was translated into “building photovoltaic integration” after being introduced into the country. That is, “install photovoltaic systems on buildings, and achieve a good combination of photovoltaic systems and buildings through special design.”, and extended the definition of “building material photovoltaic components” — “solar cells and building materials are combined together, Become an inseparable building material or building component.” Therefore, the building material-type photovoltaic components in the BIPV project must have the functional characteristics of ordinary components and become an indispensable component of the BIPV project. BIPV modules are part of building material-type photovoltaic components. A building that uses building material-type photovoltaic components rationally can be called a BIPV project.

Photovoltaic building integrated airport project
Photovoltaic building integrated airport project


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